D&D – A great Upheaval

Hello Adventurers. This adventure uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition from Wizards of The Coast and is played using an adventure module called A Great Upheaval that can be found at Dungeon Masters Guild (please, click on the link for more information) As usual, it would be prudent for me to be clear at this […]


Hello Adventurers! This blog accompanies our Armistice adventure set toward the end of World War 1. The fighting is over and a recon mission starts to get… spooky. This story is an adventure written by James Holdstock, however this adventure and this podcast uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Chaosium Inc/Moon Design Publications LLC, which are […]

Mars Colony

Hello Adventurers, this blog accompanies our Mars Colony podcast. For this adventure, we are playing Mars Colony by Tim C. Koppang. You can find more information about it and his other projects on his website tckroleplaying.comĀ and there you’ll also find links to his twitter and other ways to contact him. I really enjoy this game […]