D&D – A great Upheaval

Hello Adventurers. This adventure uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition from Wizards of The Coast and is played using an adventure module called A Great Upheaval that can be found at Dungeon Masters Guild (please, click on the link for more information)

As usual, it would be prudent for me to be clear at this point that although the Player Character, his sidekick Borgol, and to a degree, the story created is our own, it is made possible and created using a game published by Wizards of the Coast and following a prewritten adventure module. This podcast is not published, endorsed or specifically approved by the games creator or license holder.

Following are brief synopses for each of the episodes. You can listen to each episode on Spotify or iTunes

A Great Upheaval – Part 1

Travelling magician Elias Seachmall and his Biographer Borgol head to Nightstone to share tales of heroism and adventure in an effort to show off impress a lady, no less. Whilst Elias’ heroic intentions and prowess are said (by Borgol and Elias himself) to know no bounds, they are soon put to the test when the duo discover all is not as it should be…

A Great Upheaval – Part 2

We leap straight back in after an epic battle. the likes of which Borgol will make sure passes through the generations and we rejoin our heroes as the partake in one Elias’ favourite pastimes- looting.

Our heroes continue to attempt to make new friends and perform daring feats as they try to uncover the mysteries at play in Nightstone.

A Great Upheaval – Part 3

Elias and Borgol make their way inside the keep and all is not as they imagine. Terrible news threatens to tear Elias apart, figuratively, and tough choices have to be made. 

Join our adventurers as they search onward to resolve the mysterious goings on in Nightstone and face off against new visitors to the town and try to work out if they are friend or foe…

A Great Upheaval – Part 4

Our heroes greet some mysterious strangers at the gate, strangers with whom Elias believes there might be a powerful connection. Kella reveals a secret and there are Orcs and Danger aplenty!

A Great Upheaval – Part 5

The one where James tells a story…

Having been knocked unconscious, Elias sleeps through the rest of the battle but rest assured the battle continues and Elias is very proud about the part he played in ensuring victory.

Plans are made to search for and rescue the missing villagers

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