Mars Colony

Hello Adventurers, this blog accompanies our Mars Colony podcast.

For this adventure, we are playing Mars Colony by Tim C. Koppang. You can find more information about it and his other projects on his website and there you’ll also find links to his twitter and other ways to contact him. I really enjoy this game and think you should definitely get a copy. As usual, it would be prudent for me to be clear at this point that although the story created is our own, it is made using a game created by Tim Koppang. This podcast is not published, endorsed or specifically approved by the games creator.

Following are brief synopses for each of the episodes. You can listen to each episode on Spotify or iTunes

Mars Colony – Part 1

Kelly Perkins embarks on a mission to clean up the mars colony. With a growing resentment amongst the people and catastrophe looming, will Kelly manage to solve the colonies problems in time? With help from a faithful robot, a former band from Marschester and a son that’s lost his way, what can possibly go wrong?

Mars Colony – Part 2

Kelly Perkins continues her quest to save the Mars Colony. This time, Kelly goes head to head with the capitalism and plans to put on a festival.

Mars Colony – Part 3

Having begun arranging the festival of education, Kelly gets to work on some other issues involving the colony and makes some discoveries about some powerful people. She also meets Ted.

We like Ted.

Mars Colony – Part 4

Kelly continues the quest to save the Mars Colony by tying up loose ends and preparing for the festival of education, where Kelly and the headline band have big plans to “wow” the crowd! 

Mars Colony – Discussion

The one where James and I say undeniably wise and insightful things about the game we just played. And here, that game we just played just so happens to be Mars Colony by Tim Koppang

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