Merrie England

Hello Adventurers, here is where you will find all the show note information for our Merrie England adventure and all the downloads we mention in the show. Enjoy!

This is a story based on a book written by James called “To Murder A King (A Squires Tale)” to take a look and maybe buy a copy, click here

Also, if you wanted to take a look at the character we are using and the map of the area, they are attached for you to take a peek!

Apologies, the scan of the character sheet is a little ropey, but it’s enough to give you an idea.

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Following are brief synopses for each of the episodes. You can listen to each episode on Spotify or iTunes

Merrie England – Episode 1

A new adventure using the Merrie England setting for Chaosium’s Basic Role-play System. Our adventure starts with young squire to William Marshall, Richard De Peowne, as he heads to London in time for a jousting tournament.

Things soon get tricky as he finds himself caught up in a dastardly plot to kill the king…

Merrie England – Episode 2

The gathering crowds all witnessed William Marshall deliver a killing blow to his opponent during a joust with a poisoned lance apparently intended for the king himself. His young squire Richard de Peowne then embarked on a quest to clear Williams good name and find out who was really behind the attempt on King John’s life.

Merrie England – Episode 3

Having undertaken a thorough investigation, it is time for Richard to present his findings to King John, but will it be enough to convince the him to set William Marshall free? Will the real villains be brought to justice? find out as we prepare to go to the banquet…

Merrie England – Episode 4

After escaping an attack from the kings guards and having discovered information about a mysterious ritual, Richard goes in search of help to get to the bottom of a fiendish conspiracy that seems to run much deeper than he first thought…

Merrie England – Episode 5

Join Richard De Peowne, William Marshall and Hammer Train in the finale of our Merrie England adventure as they search the forbidden depths beneath the Tower of London, but will the be ready for what’s behind that final door…

Merrie England – Discussion

Craig and James discuss the Merrie England adventure talking about things they enjoyed and things they learned whilst playing it between the two of them.

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