Edge of The Empire

Hello Adventurers. So this is an accompanying blog to our podcast that talks about the game we played and provides accompanying show notes. Any information we talk about in the show and mention the show notes can be found here.

The first game recorded and released on this podcast is Edge of the Empire by Fantasy Flight Games. It is set in the Star Wars universe and it uses their narrative dice system which creates a wonderful cinematic experiences which, I feel, fits the source material really well. If you would like to find out more about Edge of the Empire or any other games made by Fantasy Flight, then check out their website:


I feel I should be clear at this point that although the story we tell and the characters in this podcast are created by us, we are playing using the rules, game system and Star Wars setting from Edge Of The Empire, a game licensed by Fantasy Flight Games and Lucasfilm Ltd. We are not endorsed or specifically approved by either party to do so and we do not represent them in any way.

If you are interested and want to have a look below is a copy of the character sheet we used for Fenn Folstock on a form fillable pdf version of the character sheet we found online.

Following are brief synopses for each of the episodes. You can listen to each episode on Spotify or iTunes

Edge of the Empire – Episode 1

Join bounty hunter Fenn Folstock as he takes on a job from an an old business acquaintance that could set him and his family up for life..

Edge of the Empire – Episode 2

Shortly after Fenn learned about the artefact he has been charged to steal in return for the release of his ship and information that could help his family, he was pickpocketed. The thief stole the ticket Fenn needed to board the luxury pleasure barge on which the artefact is thought to be changing hands. Chasing down the thief, Fenn discovered he is not the only one trying to sneak onto the barge and was directed to where the thief was told to deliver the ticket. Who is this mysterious Twi’lek, and will she prove to hinder our hero’s plans, or will she help him save his family?

Edge of the Empire – Episode 3

Having found their way aboard the barge, Fenn and FR4N stumbled across the mysterious Twi’lek from the bar. She introduced herself as Erin and explained that she too is searching for the item, which turns out to be a holocron, on behalf of the rebellion. We join them, in a cupboard, as they formulate a plan to obtain their bounty and also figure out if they can even work together…

Edge of the Empire – Episode 4

Having scoured the ship for clues and information about when and where Jerod Raxus was to receive the holocron. Fenn and his new ally Erin, the Twi’lek member of the rebellion, discovered what they needed to know and headed down to the loading bay to wait for the exchange. As Raxus received the holocron and revealed he had captured FR4N, our heroes proceeded to do everything they could to avoid the ensuing boss fight. Frustrating?

Yes. yes it was.

Find out what happens next in the final episode of our Edge of the Empire adventure.

Edge of the Empire – Discussion

The first of our discussion episodes. Here we talk about the alternate potential ending for the game as well as things we did to make the game work for one player and a GM. On top of that, there are more general musings and thoughts about things we’ve learned so far on the early stages of our journey into table top role playing for two.

If you have any questions about anything you feel we may have missed or would liked to have heard more in depth discussion about please get in touch- we would love to hear from you.

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