About Us

So, who are The Game Master and Me? Well, we’re glad you asked…

Craig Burton

Sometimes writer, sometimes musician, sometimes teller of stories and a very occasional poet, (although none, now, as frequently as before, or nearly as often as I’d like) and a  frequent visitor to that space between imagination and reality, where the lines blur and the intoxicating promise of worlds other than this invite the curious to lose themselves.

or something…

I started playing tabletop about 16 years ago. My introduction was  Marvel Super Heroes RPG. It had been running for a good few years before I joined, and we continued that campaign for around 8 more whilst I was there.

We still haven’t finished…

Within that group, I made some excellent friends and played a variety of awesome games and sytems. Needless to say, I was hooked. 

A few years ago, I moved away and meeting up became trickier. Finding a new group was not as easy as I’d hoped it might be and thats when I became interested in the the idea of two player games. That way, I would only need to find one other person. How hard could that be, Right?


Fast forward and that brings us pretty much to now. Or the distant future. It’s all dependant on how accurate you are with your remote control operation.

James Holdstock

I came to Roleplay pretty late. In fact my first interaction was Live Action Roleplay when I told my friend Will I was into medieval history and was thinking about getting into reenactment. He said come along and it blew me away. After that my friends invited me along to some D&D Roleplay and I threw myself into creating an awesome Dwarven cleric called Koibar Strongface who sounded like Brian Blessed (if you don’t know him then google now!(with sound)). 

I loved tabletop Roleplay, especially the character driven parts, and played a few games with friends, Call of Cthulhu, Fiasco and of course continued playing D&D (for a few years). 

I picked up a setting book (Merrie England) based on my favourite era of history and ended up running a medieval  Roleplay game (using basic role playing system) for some friends. I took inspiration from real historical characters and really enjoyed it. I’ve also now run a sequel to that adventure and also a fun Star Wars game (Age of rebellion). So I’m no expert and consider myself quite a nervous beginner.

All our friends having dispersed, across towns, counties and countries (China, like seriously!), Craig and I met up and thought, ‘hey let’s use modern technology to help our awesome fun hobby!’ And that’s what we’re attempting. 

I am enjoying recording the ‘gamemaster and me’ and I hope that it helps some other people turn games into two player games, find new games and also find the confidence to try things and make an idiot of yourself, because sometimes that’s necessary.


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