Changes to the Podcast

Hello Adventurers. If you’re regular listeners, you’ll have noticed the most recent episode, the final part of our Fiasco adventure is over a month late, and for that I apologise. It’s up now for you to listen to, finally but a change of jobs and going back to college and a number of other commitments and responsibilities have made it tricky. James too has had a bit of a time of it one way and another which has also helped to slow us down.

I have toyed with the idea over the last few weeks of stopping the production of this podcast but having discussed it with James, we’ve both decided that is not something we wish to do. We both enjoy making and running it at least as much (we hope) as you enjoy listening to it. We have however decided to reduce our output. Instead of trying to put out an episode every two weeks we will be putting out an episode once a month.

Whilst we know this means you’ll be getting only half the content as you were previously, we hope this means we will be able to be far more consistent and improved with our timelines and with the quality of each episode

Thank you so much for supporting us and listening to the podcast and for taking the time to read this through.

We hope you continue to enjoy the work we put out as much as we enjoy making it, and we hope it inspires you to go out there and play some amazing two player games. If it does, we’d really love to hear all about it.

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